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  • Captain Evan
    I'm originally from Annapolis, Maryland, but moved to Southwest Florida at a young age.  Growing up on Sanibel Island I enjoyed riding my bike, fishing, and exploring nature; which led me to my career choice.   In 2012, I graduated from Nova Southeastern University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Marine Biology.  In my free time I'm busy maintaining my saltwater aquarium, training bonsai trees, and throwing frisbee with my two Australian Shepherds. I mostly enjoy being with my wife and being a dad of two.
    My favorite trip with Adventures in Paradise is the Shelling cruise where we go out to North Captiva.  It gives everyone the greatest chance to see a big part of the area, and really paints a picture of our ecosystem.  Not to mention, lunch at Barnacles!
  • Captain Jim O

    Moving from Georgia after retiring from air traffic control, my family and I found Southwest Florida and all its beauty and splendor.  It is gorgeous!  Although I have spent my entire life in and around aviation and aircraft, I have always loved the water and the magnificent environments and ecosystems they hold.

    Since moving to Cape Coral with my wife and daughter in 2013, I have rediscovered nature’s beauty and how fascinating the waterways and estuaries are in this fantastic place we now call home.  The area in and around San Carlos Bay, is the absolute pinnacle of this amazing bionetwork.  I am enthralled with the natural balance nature displays.   Also, the history of the area; its pioneers and founders, how it was developed, is captivating. Should we mention the weather?

    Of course, the best way to experience the true radiance of nature’s beauty in Southwest Florida is by boat.  What better way to share my enthusiasm with visitors to Southwest Florida than to provide a portal for them to experience what I now live in full time.

    Being a part of the Adventures in Paradise Team is fantastic!  I get to share my passion for nature and an amazing perspective of life in Southwest Florida while providing memories of a lifetime for visitors.  I just doesn’t get better that this!

  • Captain Justin

    I've been a licensed captain and fishing guide for the past ten years, but have been fishing Sanibel and the surrounding waters my entire life. Lucky for me I was raised on Sanibel, so the backwaters have been like a backyard, and naturally took up fishing at a young age. The result was an early appreciation for the unique waters that surround Sanibel, which has continually developed through today. I hope to pass that appreciation on to both my kids and one on the way.

    I cannot help but grin before, during and after trips because I truly feel lucky to be doing what I'm doing.

  • Captain Harvey

    Born in Minnesota, “the land of ten thousand lakes”, we boated primarily on Lake Superior. My wife Candy and I moved to Florida fifteen years ago bringing our power boat by water from Lake Superior to Cape Coral. The journey took us through 84 locks in 28 days.

    I have a 100 ton master license with commercial assistance towing issued by the United States Coast Guard. In addition, I have successfully completed all of the instructor certification, safety, and navigation courses offered by the United States Power Squadron (USPS) including celestial navigation. The USPS is an organization dedicated to provide Safe Boating Through Education and supports community activities related to safe boating.

    At “Adventures In Paradise”, your choices are many. Backwater fishing, sealife encounters, shelling, dolphin watch, sunset cruises, as well as private charters, are some of the offerings. Come on aboard.

  • Captain Noah

    I've been a licensed captain and fishing guide for the past ten years, but have been fishing Sanibel and the surrounding waters my entire life. Lucky for me I was raised on Sanibel, so the backwaters have been like a backyard, and naturally took up fishing at a young age. The result was an early appreciation for the unique waters that surround Sanibel, which has continually developed through today. I hope to pass that appreciation on to both my kids and one on the way.

    I cannot help but grin before, during and after trips because I truly feel lucky to be doing what I'm doing.

  • Captain Larry

    I was born in Ohio, but grew up on Fort Myers Beach, fishing and exploring the surrounding waters in my own boat since I was nine years old. I spent five years active in the Navy, including time in Vietnam, followed by nine years working for NASA during the Apollo program, before returning to Fort Myers Beach with my wife and two children. I received my 100-ton Coast Guard license in 1986 and have been delivering yachts and commercial boats over much of the world ever since.

    I have operated dinner boats, casino boats, ferry boats, tug boats, dive boats and nature cruise boats in this area and the Florida Keys for many years, but I get the most enjoyment from cruises with Adventures in Paradise. As a Master Naturalist, certified by Florida State University, I enjoy showing and explaining our unique waterways to our visitors and guests, and look forward to sharing with you!

  • Captain Jim E

    Growing up in Maryland near the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean, I have always had a love for the water. Whether it be fishing on the Atlantic or sailing on the bay the mid Atlantic is beautiful country, but for me the winters were long and the summers way too short. After becoming a licensed captain my wife and I started spending our winters in the Florida Keys running dive boats, fishing and getting sunburnt in January. I WAS HOOKED!

    We moved to Southwest Florida in 1996. This area is rich with sea life, wildlife, and such a fascinating history; I continue to learn something new every day. Being part of the team at AIP is a real pleasure. I meet people from all over the world and get to experience with them our slice of Paradise!

Your Naturalists!

They’re Team Players, Energetic, Fun, Positive, Smart, Responsible, Compassionate And Inspiring…The Waters Of Sanibel Are Their Office. They Love Their Job SO Much They Would Almost Do It For Free…Almost.

  • Toni

    I've lived by an ocean since I was a kid, first on the Pacific then on the Atlantic. Some of my fondest memories have been made on the beach or on the water. So as I grew up, I always knew that I wanted to work somewhere where I could be around the water. After recently graduating from the University of Delaware with a Bachelor's in Marine Science with a concentration in Marine Biology, I decided to move to Florida. In the place where it's always summer, I joined the Adventure's team!

    Now I'm spending everyday teaching people about the fun and exciting things surrounding the waters of Southwest Florida and enjoying all the happiness that has always come to me living by the sea. As I wake up each day, I wonder what kind of adventures paradise will have in store for me.

  • Andrew

    I was born and raised right here in Southwest Florida.  I graduated from Florida Gulf Coast University with degrees in Biology and Environmental Studies.  I specialize in human and wildlife interactions, marine conservation management,  and sea turtle biology.

    I served with the United States Peace Corps from 2015-2017 in the Philippines as a Coastal Resource Management Volunteer.  My service focused on working with small local government agencies and NGOs on marine conservation issues throughout the Philippines such as the illegal capture of endangered marine species (dolphins, sea turtles, and sharks), climate change, overfishing, and solid waste management.

    After completing my service, I returned back home to South Florida where I continue to remain active working on marine conservation issues and education programs.   I'm an avid bird enthusiast and in my spare time I enjoy nature photography and videography.   I also enjoy traveling, sports, cats, and the color blue.

    Hopefully I'll see you out on the boat soon and I can share the beauty of Southwest Florida with you!

  • Matthew

    I was born and raised in Fort Myers, Florida and consider myself an avid outdoorsman. I have a natural draw to the water and have a deep love and respect for the ocean along with everything it provides for us. Whether it's paddling around in the mangroves hunting for redfish, or drifting the flats looking for trout, I love it all! Fishing is one of my favorite hobbies and have been doing it for so long that it is really where I started gathering most of my knowledge about the local wildlife.

    I am currently going to school at Florida Southwestern University for my Bachelors degree and in the little free time I have, enjoy surfing on the other coast! Really I just look for any opportunity to be out in the sun! I love meeting new people and hearing new stories so make sure to say hi if you’re ever on one of my cruises!

  • David
    I moved to Florida to work on a Liveaboard  sailboat.  After that experience, I fell in love with the ocean and moved full time from Illinois.
    I graduated from Florida Keys Community College with a Degree in Diving Business. Since than, I have worked as a Research Diver and Dive Instructor in Florida for three years.  I also helped set up a non-profit organization to complete Reef Check survey and involve the local community with service projects in Roatan, Honduras.
    I'm currently attending Florida International University for their Marine Biology program.  I hope to continue working on conservation and research projects for the good of the world.  In my free time I like to create music, play video games, work on my garden, and relax in my pool.  I hope to see you out on one of our trips.
  • Captain Candy

    I moved to Florida with my husband, Capt. Harvey, 21 years ago and have boated extensively in these waters; learning about the area and its flora & fauna that we are so fortunate to enjoy. As Capt. Harvey introduces us to our guests, he tells them he has known me for 41 years, & with a slight hesitation, then says, “Oh, did I tell you that she is my wife?” We work well together as a team! We love being on the water sharing our passion and knowledge with many very interesting people hoping to make their time spent with us at AIP a most memorable experience.

    Growing up in Minnesota my prior boating experience was on inland lakes and Lake Superior. In 2009 I obtained my 100 ton master USCG license.

Your Adventure Coordinators

Ever wonder whose on the other line? On the other side of that email? Well here they are! Happy to help plan your fun-filled adventure in paradise. Paid entirely with free cruises.

  • Caitlyn

    I am currently a student at Florida Gulf Coast University earning a degree in English. I am a Floridian, originally from Ormond Beach, FL. I moved to the Fort Myers/Sanibel area about a year and a half ago and have been in paradise ever since. I love spending my free time shelling, shopping, and spending time with my family. You can catch me at Adventures in Paradise Outfitters for all your retail and reservation needs. I love being able to meet and chat with all of the travelers that come to Sanibel Island.

  • Parker

    Hi, my name is Parks and I enjoy being awesome. I like to drink milk, eat bananas and enjoy stroller rides. I work diligently at the Adventures In Paradise Outfitters store making sure that each and every team member is as productive as they can be. My standards may be high but my process is watertight, therefore my results are second to none. You can often find me by following the long trail of drool.

  • Audrey

    Well hey there. I am a graduated student from Florida Gulf Coast University and I grew up in the Fort Myers and Sanibel areas. I too enjoy long walks on the beach in search of the many shells, but I often find myself hunkering down in one spot and surprising myself at all of the unique seashells that I would have otherwise overlooked. On a sunny day, you can typically find me checking guests in at the boat. On a rainy day, I can be found at the AIP Outfitters retail store taking reservations. I really enjoy the interaction with our guests and love helping find the best adventure for you and the whole family.